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Sharanya spring steel garden hoops, sets of 20


Sets of 20 hoops

  • 2 metre hoop for tunnel width approx 3 feet
  • 2.5 metre hoop for tunnel width approx 4 feet
  • 3 metre hoop for tunnel width approx 6 feet

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Spring Steel Hoops + Floating Row Cover = Easy Season Extension

Spring steel garden hoops are flexible, hard-wearing, versatile, and easy to set up.  They are an improved modern version of wire crop tunnel hoops, an old farmers’ favourite.  This video gives an excellent demonstration of how they work.

Video posted by kind permission of Fruition Seeds.

Sharanya spring steel garden hoops are made of very strong, very springy, rust resistant 4mm galvanised spring steel wire.  They are manufactured in and distributed from the UK. Their flexibility and strength allow you to create crop tunnels of varying widths and heights.
In their resting position the hoops relax and straighten up somewhat, very convenient for storage. Choose from three hoop wire lengths: 2m (the tunnel width will be about 3 feet wide), 2.5m (the tunnel width will be about 4 feet wide), and 3m (the tunnel width will be about 6 feet wide). The hoops come in sets of 20.
The hoops shown in this photograph are my 2.5m hoops. They are set up over two rows of cauliflowers waiting for bird netting to be draped over them.
To set up a hoop, simply push one end of the hoop wire into the ground about 2 inches, arch the wire to the height and width you desire for your crop tunnel, and push the other end into the ground. The slenderness and strength of the hoop material allows the hoop ends to penetrate very easily even into stony ground without buckling or kinking.


  1. Galvanised spring steel wire is treated with zinc to make it rust proof.  This treatment leaves a harmless grey residue on the fingers when the hoops are handled.  I therefore recommend wearing garden gloves when working with the hoops.
  2. When loosely arched, as when putting up garden hoops, the spring steel hoop wires will spring back and straighten considerably when released from the arched position.  However, if sharply bent they will get kinked.  Therefore, store the hoop wires flat, do not tightly coil or bend them, and they will last and be fully functional for many years.